“A down-to-earth look at astrology via a sensitive reader, who is intent to listen to her subject, as well as make interesting connections. A fascinating perspective on life from another point of view, with grounded and realistic expectations of what an astrological reading might be able to reveal.”

~ A. Paul (teacher in Frankfurt am Main, Germany)

“I had the great pleasure to have my first chart done by Anne. Incredible how she can translate the messages from the stars and bring more light to my journey! I am so lucky to have her sensibility to keep inspiring my path!”

~ Glenio Araujo (private yacht chef, travel writer)

“Anne hat es verstanden, in einer wunderbar-kuscheligen Atmosphäre mein Horoskop zu erklären. Eigentlich habe ich von Astrologie keine Ahnung und hatte auch wirklich nicht viel erwartet. Sie hat es geschafft, meine Erwartungen vollkommen zu übertreffen und mir ausführlich mein Horoskop für 2013 zu erklären. Ich habe ihre Geduld bewundert und ebenso die mich betreffenden Erkenntnisse. Sie ist spitze und ich bemühe sie jederzeit gerne wieder.”

~ Petra Ebeling (Rentnerin in Mörfelden-Walldorf, Deutschland)

“My head is spinning. What you said makes more and more sense. Really excellent reading. You are very talented.”

~ M. Phelan, CFA (finance professional in Frankfurt am Main, Germany)

“Anne provided me with a very insightful and professional reading.  She interpreted the chart of my newborn twin sons, focusing on their key predispositions.  I feel empowered, as a parent, to now nurture their many positive inclinations while keeping a keen eye out for their particular challenges.  I would definitely recommend Anne to a friend.”

 ~ Rebecca H. (architect in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.)

“Everything she said chimed with how I feel and what I perceive about myself. I was struck by that.”

~ Alex (historian in Frankfurt am Main, Germany)

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