Month: October 2012

Saturn in Scorpio and the Godfather is Back

Anyone else feeling this?

This article was originally published on via C.L Canning (October 5, 2012):

Saturn is in Scorpio tomorrow and it’s going to feel like the mafia moved next door. This two year transit shoots us with jealous reactions, vengeful thoughts and a ton of OCD behaviours. You’ll be crazy as crackers when the Godfather sends you a horse head through the mail. The good news is that shadow emotions faced straight up and released, can make you bulletproof! Not to be glib, but feeling opposition can be very motivating for change. To ward off the evil eye during this Saturn in Scorpio transit, use the exercise favoured by Buddhist monks; imagine your mental torturer as a helpless baby. Who can feel bad about a baby? Remember for every minute you put up with someone’s bullshit, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind.