Living on the edge


I had the great fortune to go to California the day after Summer School ended. This is a trip my husband and I had been planning for years. After the tidal wave of archetypal thinking that I swam through at Summer School (hence all the crying), the glamorous coastal paradise I encountered next activated my imagination in ways I wasn’t expecting.

I saw the archetypes in loud technicolor, could almost feel them speaking to me. Los Angeles is at an intersection of Martian desert (only the strong survive), Capricornian mountains, and Neptune’s ocean of consciousness. Here, imagination (Neptune = film) meets the Sea Goat, who scales the mountains of success.

Creative energy pours forth from the burning Sun that shines almost all year. Its life-giving rays are reflected back to it in the art, music, and film created here. Venus shines as beautifully clothed, gorgeous bodies, and in the lush aloe, palms, and sweet-smelling flowers that decorate the landscape. Even my non-astrologer husband felt the magic (his word) created by this inspiring atmosphere. He’s a musician.

Beneath this lovely surface, the La Brea Tar Pits show L.A.’s dark underbelly (Pluto). This is a city of extreme wealth and extreme poverty. Beggars, scattered trash, and the ever-present threat of crime will not be ignored.

A fabulous, entrancing city. Unsustainable in every way.

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