September 2016 Horoscopes

It’s recommended that you read the horoscopes for both your Sun sign and your rising sign (Ascendant). If you don’t know the sign of your Ascendant, you can find it out by entering your birth data at You will need your time and city of birth as well as the date.

First, enter your data at the Birth Data Entry page. Then, scroll down to the “Horoscope Chart Drawings” section and click on “Chart drawing, Ascendant.” Your rising sign will be listed in red in the upper-left corner of your chart, under your Sun sign.


This is the perfect month to initiate those changes in your daily routine that you may have been putting off for lack of time. Mid-month, you may start to feel a real payoff for all the efforts you’ve made towards better health or a more efficient workflow. Relationships are highlighted towards the end of the month. Keep your head in the game and focus on what you’ve started. Your feelings may be with someone else, but your mind still wants to work, work, work. Keeping your faith in the midst of difficult circumstances can help you achieve a necessary balance and come out on top.


This is your month to play! Your creative projects are ready for your full attention. Use this month to focus on yourself and the special talents you bring to the world. Only you can do you. Allow your expanded social circle to reflect your beauty back to you and warm your heart. Luckily for you, your mental state is primed and ready to play along. Sharing with others will pull you through any rough spots you may encounter. Deep relationships are key, so enjoy them. Let the intensity of feeling support and sustain you, and you may be financially rewarded in the process.


Your mind may be travelling to the past this month, with family and home being foremost in your consciousness. Finding the good in your past can help you come to better terms with your present and even boost your career. When you follow your calling, you will find that the past was leading you there the whole time, even when it seemed you were simply going off on one of your many highly informative tangents. Relationships provide a strong learning opportunity for you this month. Keeping things light but honest will help generate goodwill in those around you.


Communication is a key theme for you this month. Taking the time to contemplate your ideas about how the world works, speak about them, and put them in writing will bring you great satisfaction. Integrating such a practice into your daily life can become an extremely useful tool for navigating the world this month. The last week or so will bring the focus to your deep feelings. Giving yourself time to play can work wonders for your mood and better enable you to share your love, especially in those particular relationships that are calling for your attention.


You never shy away from a challenge, and this month gives you your eagerly-awaited opportunity to test your mettle and show the world your considerable courage. You will be able to draw on your extensive personal resources and prove your strength. This will likely be an imaginative process for you and not a literal one, as you discover powers of perception you never knew you had. Mid-month will find you exchanging something of great depth and importance with another. As the month draws to a close, you will have more time to rest and enjoy yourself, as you love to do.


It’s all about you this month. Now is the time to allow yourself to focus on your own self-development, to do for your Self as well as you usually do for others. Take the spotlight in your own life and hit the re-set button as desired. Spiritual support can come in the form of other people, but make sure to give yourself some credit, too. Allow yourself to re-connect with past experiences, drawing and learning from them. Think of this as your one month a year to be as self-focused as you want to be. You deserve it, and it’s good for you!


There’s a lot percolating just under the surface for you this month. Your neighborhood and local environment can provide you with clues to your inner life particularly well, so keep your eyes peeled and your ears open for signs and synchronicities around you. If you look closely enough, you can discover hidden inspiration in the course of your regular, everyday life. As the month passes the halfway mark, messages could become louder and clearer and could be brought to you by a romantic or business partner. The gods are speaking especially to you this month, are you listening?


The intensity of interaction that you crave is highlighted for you this month. You may assume a more prominent role in a group you belong to or a social cause that moves your heart. You will discover new resources and will be able to use these with the full force of your creative imagination to really move forward with your goals. Mid-month is a good time to get in touch with your inner child. Allow him or her to play, and by the end of the month you will be refreshed and full of confidence, knowing that your friends have your back.


Your vocation is a top priority this month. What is your life calling? Are you on your path? If you see a course correction is in order, allow yourself the first three weeks of September to really contemplate and dig in to these questions. Reviewing your ideas about who you are will help you with this, as will spending time at home, especially mid-month. You may feel a dramatic shift in your identity, which can either renew the vigor with which you pursue your career or help you shake things up as necessary. When we let change happen, miracles can occur.


This month may find you questioning your beliefs and wanting to re-vamp your view of the journey of incarnation so you can get the most out of this lifetime. Traveling abroad will help give you a wider perspective. If you experience any delays or missed connections, take these as much-needed opportunities to pause and reflect. When you want to move forward but feel like you’re stuck waiting for something to happen first, remember that good things take time and timing is everything. At mid-month, spending time with a few good books can allow the full illumination of what you’ve learned to come to the fore.


This is your month for taking a closer look at all the ties that bind, whether they be financial, sexual, or otherwise. Your unconscious mind is particularly active and you will be able to draw on creative gifts to complete projects involving groups you’re in or social reforms. As money will be a focus for you, this is a good time to practice abundance thinking. Making a list of the areas of your life in which you feel abundance can help you grow in other areas, too. As you know, there is always enough, it’s just a question of distribution.


What are you projecting onto others, and what do they see in you? Projections are a natural and healthy way of beginning any relationship, until we really know the other person. This month, you can see more clearly all those lovely qualities that you find in someone else and fall in love all over again, this time with yourself! A lasting emotional healing can take place when you bring your undivided attention to those parts of yourself that you may have disowned or thought belonged to others and not to you. You can change the way the world remembers you after you’re gone, starting now.

Saturn in Scorpio and the Godfather is Back

Anyone else feeling this?

This article was originally published on via C.L Canning (October 5, 2012):

Saturn is in Scorpio tomorrow and it’s going to feel like the mafia moved next door. This two year transit shoots us with jealous reactions, vengeful thoughts and a ton of OCD behaviours. You’ll be crazy as crackers when the Godfather sends you a horse head through the mail. The good news is that shadow emotions faced straight up and released, can make you bulletproof! Not to be glib, but feeling opposition can be very motivating for change. To ward off the evil eye during this Saturn in Scorpio transit, use the exercise favoured by Buddhist monks; imagine your mental torturer as a helpless baby. Who can feel bad about a baby? Remember for every minute you put up with someone’s bullshit, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind.